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Signage and Banner Installation

Vertex Rope Access has years of experience and knowledge in industrial roped access. Used as an alternative to traditional methods such as scaffolding and MEWPS, rope access methods are versatile, cost and time effective. Often with a lack of access at the base of buildings, the suitability, practicality and minimal use of equipment are what [...]

Rope Access Inspection Services

At Vertex Access we have a specialised and experienced rope access inspection team who are dedicated to inspection and surveying of various types of structures and buildings.  Our strengths lie in the variety of inspections we complete. Our rope access inspection team comprises of a range of specialists with various qualifications, strengths and skills, meaning [...]

RopeClimber Vertex Access Partnership

At Vertex Access we offer the best access solutions for each individual client, whether it be through our Rope Access, Air or Rail and Road divisions. Collaborating with other businesses means we can offer bespoke access solution catering to a variety of access needs. One of our partnerships is with Fall Protec. Based in Luxembourg, [...]

Rope Access – Shrink Wrapping

Offering a top class service is what we do best at Vertex Rope Access and meeting our clients need is our number one aim. Industrial abseiling is the perfect choice of access for a variety of operations, many of which would be otherwise unachievable. Working with a recent client who required areas of metal plant [...]

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Pest control: Prevention and Installation

At Vertex Rope Access we are able to use industrial abseiling to undertake a number of different services. Our highly trained IRATA technicians are skilled in many areas and can complete a wide range of works including demolition, pest control, vegetation removal, confined spaces access, brick/stone repair and repointing, glazing maintenance and building maintenance. Ensuring [...]

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Vertex Access keeping UK power stations safe

As many of the UK’s power stations are converting to wood based biomass fuels the ever changing health and safety requirements are developing. Biomass is fuel that is developed from organic materials, which are renewable and a sustainable source of energy. Biomass is often derived from materials such as manure; forest debris and construction waste, [...]

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Vertex Rail

Since becoming fully RISQS Achilles Link-Up accredited in Early 2015 Vertex Access have seen an increase in works on the rail network. Our rail division is rapidly expanding... ....we have seen a growth in the scope of works we have been completing. We have recently undertaken various jobs on the rail network; these have included [...]

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Specialist Structure Installation

Due to their varying complexity, installing a specialist structure or features can often be a tricky task. Varying greatly in size and shape, there is often no set formula to erecting and installing these structures. With the increasing popularity of focal point specialist structures within public buildings such as universities and airports, the need for [...]

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4 stars for Vertex Rope Access

Vertex Rope Access is now fully RISQS accredited having passed our audit recently. With the highest rating of 4 out of 4 stars, Vertex Rope is now permitted to complete a wide scope of works on the rail network. The RISQS scheme formerly known as the Achilles Link-Up, allows buyers to access a list of suppliers [...]

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Vertex: Maintaining Habitats

Last week at our site on Low Road in Outibridge, Sheffield, works were completed and the site was shut down. Working with AMEY on the Streets Ahead project Vertex Access were tasked with the re-building and re-pointing of the deteriorating river walls. Using rope access techniques the operatives were able to successfully complete the works, [...]

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