As an organisation that prides itself on offering innovative access and challenging traditional methods of access, we strive to be one step ahead in the industry, anticipating and exceeding the need of our clients where ever possible.

The majority of our works are planned, however, at Vertex Rail and Road we understand that some events are out of your control. With a vast skilled and qualified workforce, Vertex Rail and Road can mobilise at short notice, offering a variety of emergency rail works.

Natural Disaster

Vertex Rail and Road have the ability to remove debris from the line or road, in areas of difficult access, where landslips and landslides have occurred. Our emergency rail team can also assist with the after effects of flooding and other incidents cause by adverse weather such as debris removal, clean-up of structures and lines, re-build and stabilisation of structures and ground/embankment stabilisation.


Vandalism is a major issue and we can assist in the installation of anti-trespassing measures to limit potential damage and emergency rail network situations such as graffiti, arson and cable theft on the rail network.

With Network rail reporting that £5,000,000 is spent on cleaning up graffiti per year, vandalism is an ever growing concern. Vertex Rail and Road provide specialist cleaning solutions using a safe method when working at height.


Although uncommon, accidents such as structural collapsing or other incidents that cause major disruption can occur. Such events can massively disrupt the regular flow of trains and vehicles on the rail and road networks, which in turn has a massive knock on effect to commuters and users of these networks. At Vertex Rail and Road our emergency rail teams can quickly resolve situations like these, providing access in these difficult situations.

One of our most recent jobs completed included a bridge collapse which cause the blocking of the rail way line and closure of the road above. Within 24 hours our emergency rail team were present on site, and had begun the extensive repair and rebuild of the bridge. Using rope access as an alternative access method our teams were able to work around the clock

emergency rail repairs on bridge collapse

To discuss your emergency rail works further email or call 01709 379 453

For 24 hour and weekend emergency response, please call 07890 412 868