Commercial Roof Surveys

Vertex Air operate the most sophisticated drone technology to provide our clients with the clearest and most comprehensive condition survey solutions for large commercial roofs.

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Factory roofs

The continuing good condition of Commercial buildings’ roofs is crucial to eliminating disruption to business operations, and minimising the risk to employees, contractors and the public.

A robust programme of specialist roof inspections and informed Preventative Planned Maintenance (PPM) allows not only protects the building owner’s investment, but also maximises the service life of the roof system and structure.

Routine inspections will identify minor defects before they become severe, avoiding potentially costly interruptions to the mission critical services provided by the commercial building.

Vertex Air Commercial and Industrial Roof Survey Division are committed to providing the highest quality and most cost-effective method of surveying large commercial roofs.

Through use of state-of-the-art drone survey technology, our high experienced and qualified surveyors identify all defects that threaten to compromise the integrity and lifespan of our client’s assets and business operations.

Precision control

Precision control

Our Workflow

With every client’s enquiry, we undertake a thorough desktop review of the site, any existing drawings or specifications, and airspace restrictions.

Our SMSTS qualified project managers bring all the information together to produce a detailed and site-specific risk assessment and method statement, along with liaising with any airspace and aviation authorities.

When Vertex arrive on-site, a point-of-work risk assessment is undertaken to assess site and environmental conditions, along with a 23-point check of the drone equipment before any flight operations commence.

Once clear to fly, our extensively trained pilots will programme an automated flight-plan to undertake the commercial roof survey to the highest degree of accuracy and quality.

Drone Commercial Flight Plan Vertex.JPG

In cases where complex roof structures and elements require additional close photography, Vertex’s skilled pilots will manually manoeuvre the drone into safe survey positions that capture every detail within the survey scope.

One of the key issues with large commercial roofs is accurately identifying the location of defects on seemingly repetitive roof details.

Each high resolution image has GPS location data embedded, meaning that at any time you can work out the position of the picture precisely.


After checking that all necessary imagery of the roofs and other high level elements has been captured, the data is taken back to the office, post processed and sorted into a logical folder structure, and passed on to one of our qualified surveyors.

The surveyors will carefully analyse each image of the roof. The high level of detail allows them to pick out even the smallest detail. Each defect is logged, categorised and put into a schedule of defects.

Once all defects have been identified, the report is fleshed out with an executive summary and an annotated roof overview image is produced, allowing the client to see the location of all the defects in an easy to understand format.

The report and all image data from the project is then securely sent to the client. Vertex have the capability to advise of the best methods of access to complete any necessary repairs works through their sister company Vertex Rope Access.