Façade and Window Cleaning

In many instances the façade of a building provides a first impression to clients and visitors, a clean exterior portrays a professional corporate image and leaves a permanent lasting imprint.

Cleaning and maintenance to the outer of a large building can appear as a mammoth and overwhelming task, coupled with height it can seem like an impossible job to complete. At Vertex Access we guarantee the highest standards and a safe solution which can combat these hurdles. To reach the highest level of safety possible each project is individually risk assessed, we use only the highest quality equipment and employ the most experienced and skilled rope access technicians.

Rope Access Glazing Cleaning

Access to buildings using traditional methods such as scaffolding and cradles can be both costly and timely making them an inefficient solution. Vertex Rope Access can eliminate these restrictions and our fully qualified IRATA rope access team can deliver a comprehensive at height cleaning service with no damage and minimal disruption to building occupants, pedestrians and traffic flow.

Our professional façade and window cleaning services can be utilised on a variety of buildings including commercial properties, high rise flats, offices and new developments. Due to its versatility, industrial abseiling is the perfect solution for buildings where there is no suitable ground below, at heights which water poles cannot reach, on curved and slanted roofs, glass roofs, canopies and skylights.

Glazing Cleaning and Maintenance

Facade Cleaning by Rope Access

Brise Soleil cleaning - London

Brise Soleil cleaning - London

Whether your building requires a one of clean or regular attendance, we can offer a complete solution from regular window cleaning to deep cleaning of a variety of surfaces and materials.

 At Vertex Rope Access each project is completed with a tailored approach. We understand the importance of maintaining the original look and features of building façade. We have the expertise and knowledge in a variety of areas allowing us to complete rope access cleaning works on a range of building materials including aluminium, stainless steel, curtain walling, concrete, render, cladding and stone/brick.

 To browse the full range of our building maintenance services, click here or to discuss your external window and façade cleaning requirements, email us on info@vertexaccess.co.uk or call 01709379453