Structural Inspections

An inspection carried out by Vertex Air can help you to spot minor defects before they become larger and more costly problems. Collect assessment data without taking unnecessary health and safety risks and to ensure that data is as detailed and accurate as possible.



Vertex Air’s chimney surveys consist of fully GPS located images combined with Height Data to allow accurate fault analysis and reporting. All of the Vertex Access Group’s in-house reporting is undertaken by qualified surveyors to ensure our clients receive accurate reporting data and analysis.
Chimneys and Flare Stacks, whilst in operation, are inspected at a safe distance from the structure without the need for operatives to access the operational (hot temperature) structure. Additionally by using Vertex Air’s thermal imaging technology, operating chimneys show weak spots within the structure to identify and locate the weakened areas for remediation works.



Large vertical structures are often complicated and inefficient to access and pose many safety issues regarding Work at Height. Vertex Air overcomes these issues by utilising UAV (Drone) equipment that has the ability to be 100 metres in the air within 30 seconds of take-off. Imagery is then captured analysing the mast structure along with bracketry, fixings and the lighting units / antenna / radio equipment / cables installed to the vertical structure.

Thermography of the in-use lighting units uncovers potential electrical faults that could otherwise lead to failure of the electrical components.

Thermography of electricity pylons reveals defects within the cables and the isolatorsallowing for PPM (Preventative Planned Maintenance) of equipment before failure reducing overall downtime of the assets.



Inspection of high-level steelwork is conducted efficiently using our HD high resolution DLSR cameras mounted on our state-of-the-art drones. There is minimal disruption to the site and no requirement to shutdown assets and plant to undertake the inspections. Vertex is able to photograph from above assets to locate issues that would otherwise be impossible to have identified. 
The large format imagery that we provide to our clients gives unrivalled levels of detail (a single image can be zoomed-in to view the condition of an M16 bolt at 15 metres away). This allows us to capture the required survey imagery with a few photographs as possible (speed of analysis) without compromising on quality of the survey.