Working on UK’s road and rail network demands the most experienced and qualified workforce. At Vertex Road and Rail, our highly experienced and highly qualified personnel are always ready to tackle any working at height challenges our clients throw at us.

The expansive network of the UK’s infrastructure is richly biodiverse –  vegetation and tree species make up approximately 90% of all rail and road borders.  This highway boundary and line side vegetation and trees have a variety of functions, such as:

  • Windbreaks

  • Noise control

  • Wildlife habitats

  • Flood defences

  • Ground stabilisation

  • Aesthetic purposes

  • Pollution reduction

  • Catchment fences

  • Environmental improvement

Tree Surgery  - Arborist Tree Dismantle

Tree Surgery - Arborist Tree Dismantle

Key to the continued health of these environments, and the safety for the transportation network’s users, is regular maintenance. Expert care and timed management is essential to enhance these natural resources and ensure the safe movement of vehicles on the highways and trains along rail networks.

To maintain the highest quality and safest outcomes during vegetation control on the UK’s infrastructure network, our workforce is always suitably qualified for the task in hand, holding a minimum of LANTRA, NPTC, PTS, ICI and IRATA certification

Fully Achilles Link-Up approved, Vertex Rail and Road’s skilled and qualified arborist and de-veg teams work throughout the UK. Clearing structures and earthworks with difficult access is our speciality, with our IRATA trained, NPTC and LANTRA tree climbers completing works to the highest standards. Our de-veg teams are available 24/7, for planned works and emergency call outs, day and night.

Severn Tunnel Vegetation Clearance - Before

Severn Tunnel Vegetation Clearance - Before

Severn Tunnel Vegetation Clearance - After

Severn Tunnel Vegetation Clearance - After

Industrial abseiling is the most flexible, time- and cost-effective access solution when vegetation clearance is required at height. It minimises disruption to the surrounding areas, requiring no costly scaffolding or MEWP access provision.  On the UK railway lines and highways infrastructure, our IRATA rope access Rail and Road teams adhere to the strictest safety and quality-assurance measures, and all our jobs are meticulously risk assessed, planned and managed.

Vertex Rail and Road are highly experienced in the following de-veg works:

  • Sappling supply and planting

  • Tree surveys

  • Tree climbing arborist works

  • Dangerous tree works

  • Tree felling

  • Site clearance works

  • Invasive species control removal (Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam, Rhodendron, Giant Hogweed, NZ Pigmy weed)

  • Station, depot and car park vegetation clearance and control

  • Structural clearance works

  • Weed killing herbicide application

  • Crown lifting for signal and highway sighting

  • Crown reduction for reducing the height and spread of the trees crown

  • Crown thinning to reduce the weight and wind resistance, improve the light coming through the crown and help branch development

  • Winter pruning

  • Branch removal

  • Chipping

  • Stump treatment and grinding

  • Large tree removal

  • Removal of leaf fall trees

  • Removal of striking distance tree

Our rail services are comprehensive, with vast experience and knowledge completing both large- and small-scale de-veg works.  To discuss all of your de-vegetation requirements, call 01709 379 453 or email