Cladding Repair & Façade Restoration

At Vertex Rope Access we undertake projects on all types of buildings including commercial, industrial, residential and historical. All of our works are completed by IRATA trained technicians who hold a variety of additional specialist skills and knowledge needed to complete cladding works to only the highest standards.

Glazing Repair - London

Glazing Repair - London

 Cladding is a covering or envelope added to existing structures, often used to improve external aesthetics, it doesn’t provide structural strength or stability to a building, but it can be used to protect against wind and other weathering. This allows for easier control of internal building conditions, such as thermal and audio insulation.

Facade Replacement - Nottingham

Facade Replacement - Nottingham

Working on building exteriors we regularly complete works on a variety of different cladding and façades, treating each project as unique and individual. Using industrial abseiling as an access method to complete these repairs allows for rapid access, flexibility in targeting and reaching specific repairs, all whilst eliminating the high cost of scaffolding erection or powered access work platforms. 

 At Vertex Access we specialise in the repairs of both construction defects and isolated event related damage, completing works from small scale single panel repairs right through to whole building replacement, repair and installation. Our specialist IRATA qualified technicians, undertake a variety of cladding works and repairs, including:


  • Emergency removal or securement of loose cladding elements;

  • Installation of secondary support systems

  • Replacement and reinforcement of cladding panels

  • Mastic joint and gasket renewal

  • Glazing replacement

  • Replacement of panel core insulation

  • Concrete repairs

  • Scratch, dent and composite panel repair

  • Cut edge corrosion remediation

  • Patch repair and coatings renew

  • Fire damage remediation

  • Full design and installation service

Cladding Installation

Cladding Installation

All our repair works are supported by our specialist inspection services, that can be undertaken using traditional rope access or UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), both of which provide our clients with detailed reports of condition and defects. Click here for further information on Cladding and Façade inspection services.

 For more information on your cladding and façade needs, call 01709379453 or email