Bird Proofing and Netting

Bird Netting

Bird Netting

Using industrial abseiling as an initial means of inspection our skilled team can identify any underlying issues caused by birds. The main issues arise from bird droppings and nests, these include damaged roofs, blocked ventilation systems, noise nuisance, blocked gutters and dropping build up.


Besides the obvious unsightliness, bird dropping can pose a serious risk if left to build up. The droppings are highly acidic, causing corrosion overtime to almost any building material. This corrosion allows water ingress which further causes leaks and structural damage.


Nesting materials such as straw and twigs can block drains, restricting the movement of rain water can cause problems such as water ingress and roof collapse. Blockages to ventilation systems pose a major threat to building interiors by restricting flow of clean, disease free air. A rarer but highly serious issue is fires caused by dry nesting materials built on or near electrical equipment. Fire can quickly take over whole buildings, causing catastrophic damage.


Vertex Rope Access can provide a full cleaning, disinfecting and repair service of damage materials, followed by installation of preventative pest measures such as bird netting, anti-perching devices, audio deterrents and bird gels.


Bird netting fully protects against birds from entering areas such as open courtyards and roofs. Fitted properly it is discreet, versatile and durable making it the most popular choice in eliminating birds.


Anti-perching devices such as spikes and coils prevent birds from landing and perching on small narrow areas where netting is not suitable e.g. windowsills, guttering, chimneys, ledges, signs and pipes.

Bird Netting

Bird Netting

 Bird gels are a relatively new method of deterrent. Contact gel is tacky and will deter birds from perching as it is uncomfortable on their feet. Optical gel is an innovative gel which appears to birds as a burning flame. Both gels are completely unharmful with no adverse environmental effects.


Audio deterrents emit high frequency ultrasonic sound waves which are only audible to birds and not humans. These audible sounds are used to deter pests and to keep them away from buildings and structures. 


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