Tree Surgery

Vertex Rail and Road provide an extensive tree surgery service for both the highway infrastructure and rail network. Using only the most skilled NPTC and Lantra approved arborists, Vertex Rail and Road undertake all aspects of tree surgery and surveying works.

Tree surgery is utilised on rail and road networks due to the tight restriction of the working areas and the movement of vehicles and trains. Using a variety of techniques, equipment and in-depth knowledge, tree surgery is a rapid, efficient and cost-effective method of tree clearance and control.

Vertex Rail and Road offer a complete tree surgery service, starting with inspections and surveys, producing detailed reports, meticulously planned works and finally surgery. Achieving the highest safety standards and reducing our environmental impact is always our first priorities, with professional management and planning at the forefront of each job. A close relationship is built with our clients and local authorities, ensuring that TPO (Tree Preservation Order), local laws and conservation issues are adhered to and thoroughly considered.

Tree Pollarding Network Rail  Works

Tree Pollarding Network Rail Works

Using only the most skilled, experienced and qualified tree surgeons, Vertex are able to undertake the following types of works:

Crown lifting is the careful removal of lower branches, allowing for an increased space between the lowest branches and ground level. A critical task on the UK’s rail and road network to provide clear paths of sight for signals and moving vehicles.

Crown reduction reduces the height and spread of the trees crown. It reduces the weight of potentially dangerous branches, preventing overhangs and obstructions, which can occur after adverse weather or after overgrowth with no maintenance.

Crown thinning selectively removes stems and branches to produce a uniform density of foliage within the tree crown. It allows for increased light penetration, reduced tree weight and reduce wind resistance, which all improve stability and safety of trees.

Pollarding is aggressive tree reduction from a given height. Pollarding minimises the natural height of a tree, formalises trees in on area to a similar height and encourages new growth.

Other tree surgery services we offer include:

  • Chipping

  • Large tree removal

  • Removal of leaf fall trees

  • Removal of striking distance tree

  • Winter pruning

  • Branch removal

  • Tree surveys

  • Tree felling

As part of our complete rail side and highway arboriculture maintenance services, our tree surgery works complement our intensive range of de-vegetation abilities, providing clients with the ultimate package.

Arborist Tree Removal - Railway

Arborist Tree Removal - Railway

Arborist Branch Removal

Arborist Branch Removal