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  • Industrial Chimney Inspections
  • Aerial Mapping and Land Surveys
  • Renewable Energy Inspections
  • Roofing Inspections
  • Work at height
  • Facilities Management

At Vertex Air Ltd., we understand the risks and limitations that can present themselves when you need to carry out an aerial inspection, roof inspection or land survey.


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State of the Art

Using state of the art UAV technology, we are able to manoeuvre close to buildings and into awkward or risky positions where another means of access may be unsafe, inappropriate or expensive.
Our equipment is able to produce high definition images and video in the finest detail.

Ideal Solution

Whether you need to check for defects at roof level or you require high resolution aerial photography of a particular property or region, our aerial inspection services are the ideal solution.
We liaise closely with our clients so that we understand the results you require for your inspection, and we offer a quick, safe and cost effective alternative to other means of inspection.

Vertex Air

An inspection carried out by Vertex Air can help you to spot minor defects before they become larger and more costly problems.
Collect assessment data without taking unnecessary health and safety risks and to ensure that data is as detailed and accurate as possible.

Carry out inspections in a fraction of the time

Our services are also highly efficient. In the time it might take you to arrange access to a building, to arrange safety briefings and to carry out a survey or inspection, our UAV drone could carry out the same inspection several times over.
We offer the highest quality inspections and surveys in a fraction of the time it would take to use more traditional evaluation methods.

How accurate is our UAV equipment?

Each of our UAV drones is fitted with the latest in GPS technology. That means we can programme our equipment with pinpoint accuracy and also control our drones from the ground. Whether you need to collect topographic data or information from hard to access areas, the data we collect will help you to make better decisions whilst reducing costs and saving time.

Safety is our number one priority

As well as having the safety of your operatives in our sights, we also ensure our own operatives work to a strict code of conduct. We are strongly committed to delivering a high standard of service whilst also ensuring we operate in a safe and responsible manner at all times. Our reliable and professional UAV operators are trained to the highest industry standard and are trained in many areas of health and safety.