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There’s more to industrial rope access than abseiling – that just gets us to a safe place of work

Vertex Rope Access Ltd provide an access solution for a variety of operations, many of which would be otherwise unachievable. Safety, cost and time are at the forefront of its advantages, for more information visit our solutions page or feel free to get in touch or read our brochure.

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Built on a foundation of extensive industry experience we apply the world’s best practice to excel in a highly competitive market. As a company that prides itself on operating with integrity, our emphasis is on supplying high value, quality services. We combine industry knowledge with cutting edge technology to provide intelligent solutions to technically challenging problems. It is our aim to increase productivity by ensuring the most efficient, cost effective and safe solution for each and every client.

We believe that there are alternatives to using BMU’s, Scaffolding, MEWP’s and Hydraulic platforms when considering access solutions, the benefits of using Rope Access are endless. It does not carry logistical complications removes conventional access erection or dismantling operations, resulting in dramatically less workface down time and ultimately cost.

Additionally rope access creates little architectural impact, costs very little for ongoing maintenance and statistically is one of the safest forms of access.

We like to challenge and educate convention when it comes to access and continually strive to engineer innovative access solutions.

Vertex Rope Access has a skilled workforce, with Rope Access experience dating back over 40 years and at the forefront of the Rope Access industry. All of our operatives are IRATA trained professionals, creating a safe and reputable team.

What we do

Vertex creates access solutions using Industrial Rope Access techniques. We are committed to creating practical, cost effective and efficient solutions to solve the client’s access problems.

Our Attitude

We believe there is no such thing as a ‘one approach fits all’ attitude. Each access problem is unique. Like our clients, our primary focus is to ensure that the most practical, cost effective solution is provided for every individual project.

Why Rope Access?

The ever-increasing need for Rope Access companies & Industrial Abseiling for commercial and industrial solutions guarantees minimal environmental impact and is a cost effective alternative to scaffolding and other conventional access methods.

Safety, cost and time are at the forefront of its advantages.

For more information visit our solutions page or read our brochure.