Drone Surveys

Vertex Air specialises in providing high resolution imagery to facilities managers, property managers and building surveyors across the UK.

Vertex Air carries out drone surveys of buildings, roofs and high level inspections in a safe, efficient and cost effective way.

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Drone Survey

The use of Vertex Air’s drone survey capabilities have multiple benefits.

Drone surveys are typically:

  • Simpler - A typical roof survey with a drone can be undertaken from one location on site and no need for complex access plans to get to the roof

  • Safer - By eliminating the need for working at height, you eliminate the risk of falls. All Vertex drone surveys are fully risk assessed and a method statement is written for each individual project

  • More efficient - The drone is able to complete the survey without the need for manned access around the building. Often, the most time consuming element of a roof survey is gained manned access. Vertex Air’s drone can be at roof level in seconds and once in place, can move around the area of the roof unhindered

  • Cost effective - Drone surveys do no require the need for any other form of access, such as scaffolding or powered access, which can add unnecessary cost to a survey

  • Objective - Rather than relying on notes made on site by a surveyor and images with no spatial context, high resolution image of all aspects of the roof are captured with corresponding GPS and location/direction/height information, allowing anyone to instantly make an informed decision about the condition of the roof

    Call: 01709 379 453

    Email: info@vertexaccess.co.uk


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