Project: Rubens Palace Hotel

On the door step of Buckingham Palace, the Rubens Palace Hotel unveiled London’s Largest and most colourful Living Wall.

Vertex Rope Access operatives were more than happy to turn their hand to gardening completing maintenance works in front of an eager audience.

Standing tall at 350 square metres with over 10,000 plants and ferns, the London Living Wall will brighten the popular walk from Victoria Station to other tourist attractions around Victoria.The wall is ripe with pollinating plants recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society – made up of horizontal rows of ferns, flowers and plants, anchored by 16 tons of vertically placed soil.These plants are said to be the best pollinators, attracting wildlife such as bee’s, birds and butterflies, improving the air quality for those living, working in the area and making this busy tourist clad area of London a little greener.

The ‘Vertical Garden’ is not only an aesthetically pleasing tourist attraction but helps combat surface flooding by using rain water from the hotel roof and filtering it into the walls irrigation system, this not only absorbs excess water during heavy storms but allows for sustainable, low maintenance preservation.Vertex Rope Access was commissioned by Treebox to provide Industrial Rope Access solutions for the maintenance of the Living Wall façade, this included; replanting/pruning of plants and ferns and maintenance of the irrigation system.

Vertex Access provides Industrial Rope Access Operatives for a variety of operations. Often the use of abseiling techniques can be the most practical way to achieve tasks that would otherwise involve considerable expense, time and impact on the building. For this project, Rope Access was considered the best option. The other methods of access such as scaffolding and MEWPs were not reasonably practicable in providing an efficient access solution.Secondly, the Living Wall will need regular maintenance; Rope Access provides a safe, fast, cost effective access solution, creating little visual disturbance.

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