Solution: Industrial Shrink Wrapping

Offering a top class service is what we do best at Vertex Rope Access and meeting our clients need is our number one aim. Industrial abseiling is the perfect choice of access for a variety of operations, many of which would be otherwise unachievable. Working with a recent client who required areas of metal plant framework weatherproofing, we had to think outside of the box. Not only were the areas over 20 meters high and 5 meters wide, but the weatherproof requirement was only a temporary measure, meaning that a permanent structure covering the area was out of question. The client recognised that due to the size of the area which needed weatherproofing, conventional access methods such as scaffolding or MEWP's were unsuitable and so contacted Vertex Access for a tailored access solution.

After detailed research it was decided that shrink wrapping was the ideal solution for this client’s needs, paired with using rope access to reach the high inaccessible areas.

Our team of rope access IRATA operatives are highly trained in a variety of areas and for this job specific training took place. Working with a local shrink wrapping company, our operatives trained in the technique and process used to apply the plastic sheeting with precision.

Shrink wrapping has many benefits; its robustness provides total protection against most weather, unlike traditional scaffolding sheeting which often has gaps and can come undone in high winds. Shrink wrap is also extremely versatile as it can be applied to awkward shapes which traditional sheeting does not offer. Once in place it requires low to no maintenance due to it being so robust and once finished with, is easily removed and recyclable. Using heat guns, the team were able to tightly wrap the plant structures in the durable plastic cladding, welding large sheets together to form a tight seal which can with stand most weather conditions including strong winds and rain.

Working in a 4 man team, Vertex Access can complete an area of 1000m2 per day, wrapping large buildings quickly and efficiently. Few companies offer this unique service, excelling Vertex Access to the forefront of the field for industrial rope access services.

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